music director

Shahriyar was born in Tehran Iran into a musical family. His GrandFather was a renowned Tar player who directed many of the largest and best Orchestras. His Father Maestro Saber followed in his Father and older Brothers footsteps and became one of Irans best Pianists & Music Directors, before the revolution Maestro Saber performed with the most prominent persian Artists including Googoosh, Aref, Golpa, Ramesh, Ahdiyeh, Sousan and Delkash. After the revolution he became the Music Director of the Iranian Radio & Televisions Orchestra. In 1987 he moved to the UK and became Music Director for European Tours of the most popular Persian Artists including Hayedeh, Moein, Ebi, Mahasti, Vigen, Shahrok, Shahram Solati, Martik, Sattar, Faramarz Assef, Agassi, Farzin, Habib, Morteza.  Shahriyar followed in his Grandfather and Fathers footsteps and started his music studies under his fathers guidance within 6 months he had completed the Beyer Piano Method.

After completing his Classical studies Shahriyar discovered his high interest in Oriental music, he started his research into all the different Scales & The Dastgah System from Persian music along with other Arabic and Turkish scales. Shahriyar carried on with his studies in music up to the Postgraduate level. in 2001 Shahriyar started his own preproduction music studio in London and has created numerous compositions by mixing pop, Persian, Turkish, Armenian and Arabic Music. Shahriyar has collaborated with some of the worlds best musicians in his compositions including Armenia's Tigran Aleksanyan and the Istanbul String Orchestra. while most of his time is spent in the studio Shahriyar spends a lot time on creating sounds for soft synths and Korg keyboards, at this time Shahriyar has one of the largest sample Libraries in the Persian Market.  Shahriyar Also spends a huge amount of his time playing live on stage he has performed and toured many Countries.  Music is in his Blood and is a never ending Journey.